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 Founder and Principal Consultant


I founded Still Point after 20 years being busy.  Busy in global corporate and consulting roles, travelling around the world, being a son, and being a husband and a father of two.  All the time on a journey in search of purpose, deeper relationship with those I care about and a need to belong. The more I worked with leaders and teams, the more I realised these three areas were critical levers to develop a confident identity and creating sustainable value, with and for our stakeholders and communities, and stillness was the key.

Being born in Britain to Chinese immigrant parents, I grew up in an entrepreneurial family business.  This honed my commercial acumen and focus on customer service and being human-centred.  These foundations have been a hallmark of how I have developed my career and professional practice.  My clients’ value most my cross-cultural background and still presence to see and hold multiple perspectives allowing for safe challenge and disruption.   I am able to ground myself in their context and create the conditions for them to slow down and see it differently therefore creating new choices and possibilities for better outcomes.  

My experience includes working with Senior Leaders and their teams in FTSE100 companies, Board Members of NGO’s, Leaders in Faith Based organisations and Leadership in Education.   I have worked across Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Europe and lived in Hong Kong and Singapore.  As an Associate Fellow and Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, I combine my own practice with being an Associate Fellow at Said Business School, Oxford University and an Executive Coach at INSEAD Business School in France.

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