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The Whole is Different Than the Sum of the Parts

Are you struggling to align your team’s purpose with the needs of stakeholders? Have you learnt how to use your combined strengths to create exponential value? Can you harness your collective creative potential?  Are your group dynamics causing unnecessary conflict and dysfunction in relationships? 

We work with new and intact teams and boards to become more effective in understanding and working with group dynamics to improve strategy, decision-making, execution and the creation of value.

We do this by: 

  • Adopting a systemic team coaching approach to defining stakeholder needs and expectations to drive team purpose, choice and actions.  

  • Partnering with Leaders to coach their team and develop their collective capacity to learn and deliver high performance and value to their stakeholders. 

  • Co-inquiring and co-creation to design development journeys with the team which may include off-sites, stakeholder interviews, client dialogues, attending management meetings and individual coaching.


Image by Logan Liu


  • A Retail Banking C-Suite team had recently been through a global business reorganisation with a shift in structure and responsibilities.  Stakeholders were seeking turnaround in performance, engagement for employees and an acceleration in digitisation.

  • We provided coaching to the CEO and co-created a development journey for her leadership team through an initial team offsite where everyone revisited the team purpose in light of stakeholder expectations and feedback.  This led to a plan to attend monthly Top Team and next Level Leadership Team meetings to observe the team in action, and the design and facilitation of the annual 3-day leadership conference to accelerate culture change.

  • The result was a more aligned and cohesive team who were able to focus more on their development and empower their teams to lead greater change.   More open dialogue helped move to supporting and serving the business regions from the centre verses driving from the centre creating more collective value for all.


  • An Executive Director of a Not-For-Profit organisation wanted to pivot their strategy to develop a more streamlined and impactful service for its clients instead of a more programme-based approach.  There was also a growing need to provide more contextualised support for local leadership teams in country at a strategic level.

  • We provided support to help the ED and members of the Leadership and Trustees to come together to redefine what their purpose could be in light of changing stakeholder expectations from the Board, Donors, Service users and staff.

  • The result was a renewed strategy pivoting to higher value services and consulting and a co-created plan to engage their stakeholder system for support on this journey.

Image by Bekir Dönmez
Image by Robynne Hu


  • A Global Business Unit Leader in Financial Services Firm needed to help his team respond to the changing needs of customers and a greater demand to become platform based within an ecosystem environment.  There was an increased need to collaborate with other BU’s to achieve cost synergies as well as accelerate innovation and partnership with Fintechs.

  • We supported the leader and their team with developing their internal capability to work with each other and adopt a more externally curious mindset to collaborate and adopt a role of ecosystem convenor. 

  • The result was the creation of a development journey which helped frame the challenge for the extended leadership and development of new structures and roles to aid collaboration and innovation across the network of stakeholders.

Do you need some stillness and space to think?  We are here to listen and explore.

  Take the first step today.

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