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Empowered Balance

Are you questioning how you can balance your leadership roles in work, family and society as a man? How might you reclaim and share your influence and authority in your life or voice who you are authentically if you take off your mask and reveal your heart? 

We create space for Men to develop a holistic leadership identity defined not just by a job title or position and the expectations of culture and society but one which can be vulnerable, mature and encouraging.

We do this by:

  • Gaining deep awareness of the strategic context and stakeholder ecosystem to define the people capability requirements for future-fit leadership.

  • Bringing deep expertise in organisational psychology to the assessment and development of human behaviour and experience.

  • Co-creation and collaboration with your internal business leaders and HR practitioners in the design of relevant and pragmatic interventions.


Image by John Noonan


  • A FTSE100 packing solution company needed to develop their Senior leadership talent in order to realise their strategic business aspirations.  They needed leadership which had a more globally connected and strategic mindset ready to lead acquisition and integration coming from growth.

  • We designed and delivered a 4 Module programme which focused on Strategic Leadership at the Firm, Leading for Competitive Advantage, Leading for Sustainable Growth and Leading for Tomorrow in collaboration with the client and C-Suite sponsoring modules.  Real experiences with employees, clients and business production sites were key to ensure context relevance.

  • The result was a transformation in personal leadership capability and organisation visibility of leadership.  A cadre of leaders who were now able to see themselves in more strategic roles and more empowered to drive change.


  • An emerging market focused bank realised it needed to accelerate the development of local talent so they could capitalise on its fastest growing market opportunities and be as diverse as its clients.

  • We developed a talent accelerator blended learning experience which included workshops, mutual mentoring, shadowing experiences and a co-learning with Senior leaders on client and market strategy. 

  • The result was greater regional and global visibility and a stronger talent pipeline for key role succession.

Image by Patrick Hendry
Image by Hans-Peter Gauster


  • A top 30 FTSE100 bank was keen to ensure all newly hired senior leaders across the globe were provided with a collective, accelerated transition experience.

  • We designed and delivered a 3 day programme which involved conversation with C-Suite and key business function leaders 

  • The result was a cohort of leaders whose time to perform and integration into the culture was accelerated.  They were also able to establish a global peer network through the shared experience. 

Do you need some stillness and space to think?  We are here to listen and explore.

  Take the first step today.

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