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Navigating Through Change

Are you going through change - a new role, a shift in business context, scaling a start-up? Moving overseas? Juggling work with family?  Are you experiencing the anxiety of your own and others changing expectations of who you need to be as a leader?

We work with leaders to deliver bespoke 1:1 coaching partnerships to navigate through the complexity of uncertainty and change.  Change is a transition which requires special attention to mindsets, behaviours and values that have helped shape who we are and conversations about who we need to become.

We do this by: 

  • Partnering with Leaders and when required their Line Managers, Boards and Stakeholders to agree the key objectives and expectations.   

  • Creating safe space and non-judgmental conversations to think through the changing context and explore choices and actions. 

  • Crafting behavioural experiments to bring about change in mindsets, increased performance and impact on relationships that matter.


Image by Jason Wong


  • Chief Information Officer was hired for a global bank with a remit to lead and accelerate the digital transformation and succeed a well-established retiring leader.

  • We supported the incumbent to transition from working in the US to relocate to Singapore and lead a culturally diverse team in a complex matrix structured environment with multiple country regulators.

  • The result was an accelerated integration into the culture of the organisation, targeted stakeholder plan to build and deepen relationships, aligned transformation strategy and creation of a high performing team.


  • Senior Vice President for a luxury brand retailer was leading a business transformation to shift from establishing global shared service centres to scale up.

  • We supported the incumbent to transition into a more senior role and adopt greater focus on strategy, team leadership and stakeholder engagement.

  • The result was greater board level visibility for the division and demonstration of the pace of transformation on cost savings and client service.

Image by Rafael Garcin
Disjointed Triangle


  • Director for a global retail brand was returning to work after a period of parental leave and challenged with redefining their business remit and influence

  • We supported the leader to restore focus on clarity of core purpose, strengths and stakeholder networks in order to accelerate learning of the current context.

  • The result was an increase in confidence, performance and relationships with colleagues, elevating influence as a go to person for the Senior Leadership Team.

Do you need some stillness and space to think?  We are here to listen and explore.

  Take the first step today.

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